Boris Gaquere (guitar), & Renato Martins (percussion)

Boris Gaquere & Renato Martins met in Brussels in 2004, during Renato first stay in Belgium.

Boris’ approach to the traditional “Brazilian“ classical guitar style, influenced by his studies with Odair Assad, allows him to tour worldwide.

Renato’s creativity with the Cajón and especially the Moringa, or clay pot, has made him to be regarded as Brazil’s percussion rejuvenator.

For obvious reasons, they soon realized they had a similar approach to music and, after playing together a few times, decided to team up.

Their repertoire, in addition to their own compositions, contains a number of Brazilian pieces by guitarists and composers of renown (Baden-Powell, Paulo Bellinati, Marco Pereira, etc). The set is a musical festival of instrumental rhythms and colours.

TEMPO FELIZ consecrates this union. As this recording clearly shows, they meet in perfect harmony and emphasize the bond they share between virtuosity and swing of the Brazilian rhythms.

The CD was released in the first quarter of 2006 on Mogno Music, a Belgian Jazz, Fusion & Roots specialist recording label Mogno Music

From 2005, they were guests at the Brno Guitar Festival in the Czech Republic and played selected appearances in Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Brazil, Argentina and Taiwan.

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"Tempo Feliz is a great recording, bare, sober, incisive, full of life and rythm. The material is written and arranged by contemporary Brazilian guitarists and composers (Paulo Bellinati, Marco Pereira). Also to be found, music from Baden Powell and Lúis Bonfá arranged by the great Sérgio Assad. There is in Boris Gaquere, Belgian guitarist who proposes his own music imbued with the colours of Brazil, a marvellous control of the guitar, a beautiful essential rythmic sprightliness for this demanding repertoire. He finds in Renato Martins, straight out of São Paulo, an ideal partner for these melodies."

Philip Catherine (jazz guitarist)


Caçamba is the fruit of the collaboration of four musicians from very different lineages, seeking beautiful encounters, whose passion for great music has fostered four great talents and whose common work offers a music full of surprises.

Of Brazilian influence, Victor Da Costa and Claudio Rocha bring in rhythms typical of Brazil, colored with jazz by the incredible guitar of the former and the saxophone virtuoso of the latter. Boris Gaquere adds a gentle concern for detail through the extraordinary rigor of his Belgian guitar while Osvaldo Hernandes, from Mexico, completes it with unexpected percussion.

This album is a very beautiful revelation in which Victor Da Costa offers his personal compositions arranged in places by Boris Gaquere and Claudio Rocha. Their work is precise, varied and original. The marriage of the instruments gives it great richness and the complicity of the musicians makes it a great moment of pleasure. Their first album, Dito Cujo, recorded in 2011, is released by Acoustic Music Records (Germany).


COMBOIO est né à l’inititative de Manu Comté (fondateur de Soledad) et Boris Gaquere ou plus précisément de la fusion de leurs duos (Manu Comté & Boris Gaquere Duo et Boris Gaquere & Renato Martins Duo), rejoints par Sam Gerstmans à la basse, membre de Soledad depuis plusieurs années.

La participation, sur certains morceaux, de Jean-Paul Estiévenart à la trompette et au bugle, apporte une couleur toute particulière à l’album.

COMBOIO (en portugais: «train», «convoi») invite au voyage, il propose un périple musical qui nous emmène en Amérique du sud, quelque part entre le Brésil et l’Argentine.

Entre compositions personnelles et interprétations (Dino Saluzzi, Tomàs Gubitsch, Hermeto Pascoal,...), on y retrouve des influences diverses allant du tango nuevo à la musique instrumentale brésilienne, en passant par le jazz et la musique classique.

Ce mélange de couleurs musicales donne un ton particulier à l’album, balaçant entre le caractère festif et lumineux de la musique brésilienne et le tempérament plus introspectif de la musique argentine.

COMBOIO offre un premier disque singulier, chargé de caractère où se mêlent le clair et l’obscur, tendresse délicate et force brute.